Carpet Restretching in Melbourne

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Carpet Restretching is a subset of Carpet Repair which is our core business. When you contract us you get 20 plus years of experience and cutting edge practices to get the job done to the highest possible standard. CBD Carpet Repairs is Melbourne’s premium carpet repair and carpet stretching service. Our flexible and strong customer service is at the centre of everything we do, before we begin a job.

Carpet Restretching, the holistic approach

We look at the total state of your carpet before we consider quoting for a specific service, ensuring that you get maximum value and carpet life for the best overall repair result.

CBD Carpet Repairs knows that not every carpet that looks a little worse for wear needs replacing. Sometimes its a budget thing, other times its the practicality of being able to continue using the space (ie only short access times are available). If carpet bunching or general movement from its original laid position is your main concern, then Carpet Restretchng may be a practical solution for you, rather than replacement.

These are some of the main reasons people get their carpets restretched:

  • Bunch up in areas provides a trip hazard
  • OH&S and insurance compliance
  • Bunched carpets cause premature wear and costly early replacement

Carpet restretching can remove bulges and ridges from old and new carpets alike. It is not only human traffic in the carpeted areas that can cause these blemishes but also furniture relocation.

To put carpet restretching into a business perspective, managers and finance officers soon learn that this service is ideally a maintenance issue that if used regularly can keep a carpet looking and feeling great much longer than usual. Reduced wear not only provides a safe environment but reduces costly carpet replacement.

Carpet stretching comes under the general carpet repair banner and may seem like a simple service, however in the hands of less skilled and experienced companies you may find your carpet over or under stretched, which in fact can accelerate wear and replacement requirements.

Our service also involves understanding the floor structure and the state of the underlay. With so many factors, including the form of traffic that your carpet gets, proper carpet restretching is actually considered as much of an art as a service

Our CBD Carpet Repair technicians will level out all of the bumps and divots in the carpet utilising specialist equipment, allowing the carpet to remain tight-fitting and safe.

And all of this is available to you, by calling or using our online contact form to arrange a free expert quote.