Carpet Repair in Melbourne

Your Carpet Repair Experts are standing by!Carpet Repair Melbourne Experts

Carpet repair is a passion for us and forms the core of our business. When you contract us you get 20 years of experience and cutting edge practices to get the job done to the highest possible standard.

At CBD Carpet Repairs we take great pride in our work and our expertise, which we use to ensure you get the service that you need.

We are the preferred Melbourne masters of the carpet repair craft and we utilise our technical expertise in an effort to maintain this reputation. We are a team of highly skilled individuals, not some faceless corporation or random franchise. Why would you leave the look and structure of your carpets to just anybody?

After you buy a carpet, its like buying a car, once it is off the lot, it is your own concern. If your repair issue is not under manufacturer warranty you will still want to get it fixed for aesthetic as much as OH&S concerns. Whatever state your carpet is in, we can recommend a solution. Not everybody wants to hear the truth, but we value our business relationships so we give you the best advice on how to tackle your specific carpet repair issue.

The CBD Melbourne Carpet Repair Holistic Approach

We take into consideration the general wear of the carpet and underlay and whether a repair is worthwhile or new carpet laying should be considered (which we can also perform). We look at your carpet seams  and the alignment of the weaving to ensure that the repair job is the best that you can get with your specific carpet.

We repair water damage carpets, stains, carpet burns & tears, colour issues, bleach stains, carpet holes. Anything that is an unwanted blemish on your carpet, we can resolve.

We know that you want your carpet to look flawless and we can handle everything from cleaning, patch repair, underlay replacement, carpet stretching or replacement. We take a holistic approach to what your specific needs are and provide you with optimum solutions.

As you can see, CBD Carpet Repairs is Melbourne’s premium carpet repair service. Our   flexible and strong customer service is at the centre of everything we do, before we begin a job. Even if you don’t have spare matched carpet available for the repair we can discuss a range of options to give you the best result.

And all of this is available to you, by calling or using our online contact form to arrange a free expert quote.