Carpet Repair

Carpet repair is more than just a profession for us; it’s a passion. We take great pride in our work and our expertise, which we use to ensure you get the service that you need. Our team have acquired skills in the craft over the course of more than two decades and we combine this knowledge with cutting edge practices to get the job done to the highest possible standard.

We consider ourselves masters of the carpet repair craft and we utilise our technical expertise in an effort to maintain this reputation. We take factors such as the seams of the carpet and the alignment of the weaving into account with every job we do. We know that you want your carpet to look flawless and flawless is what we aim for.

Our service is also extremely flexible so if you don’t have the additional carpet available for the repair we can discuss a range of options with you should an extra piece be required.

Carpet Restretching

Over time a carpet may lose some of its integrity, especially if it has been used for a number of years. The carpet may bunch up in areas, particularly if furniture has been moved around on a regular basis. This can create a health and safety hazard for business or resident. The issue can also cause premature wear of the carpet, necessitating replacement much earlier than needed in many cases.

Eliminating such bulges and ridges is the aim of our carpet restretching service. Consider the service to be maintenance on the carpet, allowing it to look great for longer in addition to ensuring it doesn’t wear out as quickly.

The service itself is quite simple in nature but still requires skill to get it right. Our technicians will level out all of the bumps and divots in the carpet utilising specialist equipment, allowing the carpet to remain tight-fitting and to ensure no harm comes to the carpet as a result of our work.

Always remember that maintenance of your carpet is important and may add as many as five years to the overall life of the carpet if done correctly.

Vinyl Fittings and New Carpets

At CBD Carpet Repairs we also offer fitting options for new carpets and vinyl, using more than two decades of experience to ensure the work is completed without a hitch.

Our website includes a gallery of images that demonstrate the level of service that we can provide, however we feel that it is best to find out what our customers think of the service by asking them. The testimonials that we have acquired over our many years of service only further strengthen our claims that we are the best at what we do.

If you are interested in having vinyl or a new carpet fitted then don’t hesitate to call us. Our team can offer plenty of free advice with no obligation attached.

Stair Treads

The carpet on your stairs is amongst the most important in the house. If it has become threadbare or loose fitting it presents a safety hazard that is made all the more dangerous due to its location. This is why we try to make our stair-related carpet fitting services as flexible as possible to cater for all potential issues.

In many cases we will be able to rectify many issues caused by loose carpets by simply refitting the existing carpet onto its carpet gripper. This serves to stretch the carpet back out and keep it safe for use.

If you have identified that there is only a single tread on the stairs that is causing an issue it will usually be possible for us to simply repair or replace this tread without having to refit the entire carpet. Options are available but always bear in mind that for individual treads we will usually need a separate portion of carpet to make the replacement.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a popular choice for many of our commercial customers and are often used in offices and other places of work. However, much like regular carpets, they are often subject to wear and tear.

Office equipment, such as desks and shelving, are often the main cause and issues usually arise when the office is being restructured. If this is the case for your office be sure to contact our technicians to receive advice on how best to proceed.

As carpet tiles are individual in nature a different approach can be taken to repair than that required for larger carpets. We will be able to help you rectify any damage to worn tiles in addition to providing you with advice about how to best maintain them and ensure they last longer.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning process provides a high quality, professional grade result. Attention to detail is what we pride ourselves on. We will pre-spray your carpet to loosen any soiling and also use a spot remover where required prior to steam cleaning your commercial or residential carpet.

Once this is done we will then use a deep steam clean machine using hot water extraction. This provides a far superior result to many DIY machines that are for hire in your typical supermarket or hardware store. We will also provide carpet deodourising for your carpet. When your carpet is heavily soiled we will use additional techniques to provide the best possible outcome.

Flood and Water Damage

Flood and water damage can wreak havoc on a carpet, causing it to be damaged and creating long term issues if it is not rectified as quickly as possible. Many mistakenly believe water damage means the carpet is ruined and needs to be replaced. This is not always the case and our dedicated team of technicians are available to provide you with all of the help you need to repair the carpet if a repair is possible.

Damage can be caused by anything from a leak right through to overflowing baths and sinks. In worst case scenarios the damage comes from burst water pipes or as a result of sewage issues. In all cases we are able to provide expert advice on the next step to take and in many cases we can provide a repair service.

We provide services to both domestic and commercial customers utilising a wide array of equipment to tackle water damage. The key lies not only in removing the moisture but also ensuring the carpet is made sanitary and safe for use again. Combining our experience with top of the line water pumps, steam cleaners and other equipment allows us to minimise the damage caused by the water so the carpet can continue to see use.

We also offer a replacement service for carpets that cannot be restored to a satisfactory level.